Christmas Eve Worship

We will celebrate on Christmas Eve at 5:00pm with a candlelight service.

There will be nursery care available for children ages 4 and younger. Simply ask a greeter at the sanctuary doors for directions if you need them.

Children will receive a bag that contains some coloring activities, some treats, and a battery operated candle for use during the candle lighting at the end of the service. Since we walk with our candles lit, we suggest that all children age 9 and younger use the flameless candle instead of a real one.

Adults will receive a bulletin and a small candle to carry at the end of the service.

Children are invited to wear their pajamas to church on this night (but of course, that’s optional). They are also invited to bring a favorite stuffed friend. During the children’s carol, children and stuffed friends will be invited forward. This gives wiggly kids a chance to stretch their legs and move around little mid-service.

The service will be full of music and readings and reflection. Toward the end of the service, house lights will go down and ushers will start lighting candles. The flame will be shared around the sanctuary. We will sing Silent Night together while we leave the sanctuary through the Main Street doors. A usher will take your candle as you leave.

We’d love for your family to join us on this Holy Night!